Sensations Cafe

Superior Sensations Cafe is a little, locally owned coffee shop right on the boardwalk in Sault Ste Marie, ON. 

They required a brand identity that set them apart from the rest. Elements of their identity included a logo, a unique typeface, menu boards for in the shop and more. 

White Pine Vineyards

White Pine Vineyards was a project that I had worked on during college. It was a theoretical vineyard that believed in sustainability and harming the environment as little as possible. 

In the brand identity package, we have the logo, the wine labels, a shipping box and brochures that would be handed out to people in order to bring them to the vineyard. 


The Dispensary Of Recreational Cannabis (D.O.R.C.) was my proposed name and branding for the legalized dispensary of cannabis in Ontario. 

Included in the branding was the logo, the logo type, store signage and canvas bags that the stores could sell. The final piece was a brand identity guide to hand off to whoever the next designer on staff would be.